Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and raise awareness about the importance and value of public lands and the threats they face today.

On our bike trip, we spent time in as many public lands along our route as we could. We talked with people and organizations to hear about their stories, experiences and connections to public lands. We then blogged and made videos of these conversations to educate and bring awareness to the importance and value of public lands.

The original threat facing public lands that we were concerned about was the potential transfer of federal public lands to the states. You can read more about that here.

But in talking with folks across the country, we learned about a witnessed a variety of other threats facing public lands, like

  • Climate Change
  • uranium mining and resource extraction,
  • budget cuts and lack of funding,
  • overvisitation, and
  • cultural ideologies.

We wrote seven blogs along the way, covering a variety of topics and issues related to public lands, and well as what we were experiencing on the road. The seven blogs we wrote were

  1. California Girls – Getting started, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, and the Trust for Public Land
  2. Caples Creek Wilderness Area – Eldorado National Forest, Caples Creek, and the “Loneliest Road in America”
  3. America’s Greatest Treasures – Great Basin and Zion National Parks
  4. Bicycling a Grand Staircase – Bryce and Capitol Reef National Parks, Grand Staircase Escalante and Bears Ears National Monuments
  5. Deserts and Forests and Canyons, oh my! – Navajo Nation, Uranium Mining, and the Grand Canyon
  6. The Lone Star State – Texas
  7. Coast-to-coast – Gulf Island National Seashore, finishing up, bikes, and what’s next.

Throughout the adventure, we also shared daily photos and videos on various social media accounts, including our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and on an online interactive map so folks could track our progress.

The organizations and public lands entities we met with along the way were

  • The Trust for Public Land, San Francisco, CA and Austin, TX
  • Sierra Forest Legacy, Caples Creek Wilderness Area, CA
  • Great Basin National Park, NV
  • Zion National Park, UT
  • Bryce National Park, UT
  • Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument Partners, Escalante, UT
  • Sierra Club Utah Chapter, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Friends of Cedar Mesa, Bluff, UT, and
  • Grand Canyon Trust, Flagstaff, AZ

We want to speak for these outdoor places by sharing their stories and the voices of those who enjoy them. We believe that the prosperity of our future as a nation and a planet lies in the defense and conservation of our natural surroundings.

In biking across the country and sharing public land stories as we went, we hoped our ride will show all Americans and all those who followed along the lengths we will go to speak up for what we believe in and care about. We hope this ride will inspire people to stay engaged, stay educated, and go to any length to get involved themselves. After three months of pedaling, our hardest work has only just begun, as we continue to stand up and speak out for public lands, and we sincerely hope you will join us to speak loudly for these quiet places.