How You Can Help

1. Donate

Give to an organization whose work you support.

We’ll be talking with as many organizations and groups as possible that are involved in the discussions over US public lands during our bike ride across the country. The interviews we conduct with them and the things we learn from them will be featured in our videos and blogs.

We will keep an ongoing list of the organizations we talk to listed on our site, along with their websites. If you like what they are doing, consider donating to them.

Donate to the WOWFWL team.

Help us pay for our peanut butter sandwiches and campsites on the road!


2. Talk to your legislators

You know the drill. This is important. It really is.

3. Become a Social Media Advocate

Help us spread the word about what’s going on in U.S. public lands by committing to sharing our videos, blogs, posts, and more.

We’ll be keeping an active social media presence while we’re biking across the country. Whatever your favorite social media platform is, we’re on it! To help spread the message about the importance of protecting public lands and the many ways we can all help in the fight to protect them, we’re asking folks to be our Social Media Sponsors, who commit to sharing and forwarding our posts and videos, so our mission reaches a wider audience.