Greetings from Columbia, South Carolina, the official end destination of our 5,312-mile, 94-day bike ride across the USA! The WOWFWL ride has officially come to an end, after biking coast-to-coast, and then some. We reached the Atlantic on our 89th day just south of St. Augustine, dipped our front tires in the water, then turned … More Coast-to-coast

The Lone Star State

WOWFWL Days 57-77: Texas Greetings from Fernandina Beach, FL! We are nearing the end of our 95-day, 5,300-mile trek across this multifarious nation, with just 5 days and fewer than 500 miles remaining until we reach South Carolina. We hit the Atlantic Coast on Day 89, a huge milestone on our cross-country bike ride, and … More The Lone Star State

California Girls

It’s been a busy first few days for the WOWFWL team. Three members of the team departed from Union Station in St. Paul amidst a crowd of our closest friends and family. We count ourselves extremely lucky to have such an amazing and supportive group of people cheering us on & we couldn’t have asked … More California Girls