Public lands were made for you and me


wowfwl_logoIn the fall of 2017, four young women from Minnesota bicycled 5,312 miles across the US in 94 days, with the mission to educate and raise awareness about the importance of US public lands and the threats they face.

Katie, Hannah, Alex and Ariana call themselves “Women On Wheels For Wild Lands”, or WOWFWL (“wow-full”). Outraged by the current political and environmental threats facing public lands, WOWFWL visited as many of these lands as they could along their route, including National Parks, Monuments, Forests, Seashores, Recreation Areas, Wildlife Areas, and more. They spoke with dozens of individuals and staff working in public lands and at affiliated organizations about their personal and professional ties to particular public lands, and any threats facing those places. They published blog posts on their website as they rode across the country about these conversations. Since completing the ride, WOWFWL continues to present publicly about public lands and the ways we can all help protect them.

On March 14, 2018 WOWFWL received the 2018 Parks and Conservation Leadership Award from the Trust For Public Land Minnesota State Chapter.